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Sam Kalita

Sam can be found writing, researching, finding all sorts of tech updates and announcements. Scrolling all Intel by deep, Sam crawls out the best post for Techybuz. He is also an Youtuber through the channel name “Axom TechTube”. A small town boy from Bihpuria is in the way to his success.

ankana borah

Ankana is an author at Techybuz.com. She is pursuing her graduation with honors from Guwahati University. She has a YouTube channel known as – Ankana Borah.



raktim das

Raktim is a young fellow from Tezpur, Assam. He is currently pursuing his graduation from Guwahati University. He is the Co-Founder and Social Media Manager of THE TROIKA NEWS, an online news platform. He has published many posts for well-known websites, and nowadays he writes for Techybuz.


ambika tula

Ambika is an author at Techybuz.com. She enjoys writing blogs and tech-reviews. She is currently pursuing an Hons degree from Gauhati University.


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