Why You Need Fast Web Hosting | Apply these 5 Secret Techniques | Key Tactics The Pros Use

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Why You Need Fast Hosting

So, why do we need a “Fast Web Hosting service?” Does speed really matters?

If you have clicked on this article, I presume that you already know what “Hosting” is. But, If you don’t know, you can check out here – Web Hosting.

 “If your hosting is fast, your website will load much quicker, and your visitors can see your page instantly.” If you know anything about hosting, you’ll be able to find this phrase all over the internet.

But is it really true?

Well, actually, it is. So, If it is true, then there are some questions around it, such as –

Why It is very important to have a Fast Hosting Service?

How much Faster my Hosting should be? or

How do I know which type of Hosting to choose?

Disclosure:This post may contain affiliate links at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission if you go through the links and purchase. As a small content creator, I will be very grateful to you. It would help me to grow this site and motivate me to create more content like this. All the products or services recommended here are personally tested by me.”

Types of Web Hosting

Before moving on, I should mention here the types of Hosting available on the internet. They are –

  1. Shared hosting.
  2. Dedicated Hosting.
  3. Virtual Private Hosting (VPS).
  4. Managed WordPress Hosting.
  5. Cloud Hosting.

If you are unfamiliar with the differences between these hosting options, you can learn more about them here – Types of Hosting.

I will provide you some Pro tips and valuable information that will help you in your online journey if you are a beginner or a professional.

Types of Hosting (techybuz)

Does Hosting Speed Matters?

Suppose you have written a blog post. You have done all necessary steps, such as you have done properly on-page SEO, optimized the links and images. You have just written a top-notch blog post that the visitors won’t find it anywhere. Or you are running an online business such as an e-commerce store, a service offering website, or you are just trying to sell a product online. If your hosting is not fast enough, neither your blog post or your article will rank in Google nor you can achieve the success in your business.

Note that the speed of your site has a significant impact on SEO and ranking in Google. Because slow websites make poor measurement of the visitor experience, which Google doesn’t like at all. As a result, the page’s ranking drops.

The greater the performance and speed of the page, the greater the engagement of visitors. As a result, the more you improve the site’s speed and efficiency, the higher your earnings will undoubtedly be.

When it comes to online accomplishment, remember that efficiency and performance is the key. You will only have a few seconds to capture the attention of the visitors before they depart and never return. Thus,  if the site takes a significant time to load, people will almost certainly leave it.

“It is a fact that if a visitor clicks on your page or website and finds waiting for more than a few seconds they are likely to bounce to another page or website. As a result, you will lose traffic as well as conversions.”

Never forget – the wrong Hosting can kill your website and your business.

So what is the remedy?

Let’s discuss

Some Pro Tips about Hosting

1. Hosting based on your scale or size of the website –

a. Hosting for Beginners, Small Websites, Start-ups

If you are running a small website, let’s say you have around 10k to 30k monthly visitors, or basically, for startups, Shared Hosting is the most suitable option for you.

Shared hosting is much cheaper than other hosting.

But you may find yourself in confusion to find the best Shared Hosting out there as, at the present time, most of the hosting companies are providing shared hosting. 

So, which company is proving the best-shared hosting also at a cheaper price with all the necessary fancy features that we need in the present time?

i. My Top 5 Recommended Shared hosting –

Please keep in mind that the cost of hosting changes depending on the duration of time you have purchased it for. In general, if you buy hosting for a long time, you will have to pay less than if you buy it for a short time.

  1. Hostinger – starting at just $1.39/month
Hostinger - Shared Hosting

2. Bluehost – starting at $2.95/month

Bluehost - Shared Hosting

3. A2 Hosting – starting at $2.99/month

A2 Hosting - Shared Hosting

4. Hostgator – starting at $2.75/month

Hostgator - Shared Hosting

5. Greengeeks – starting at $2.49/month

Greengeeks - Shared Hosting

You will find everything to secure your site and great customer care support in just one package. All the  hosting providers mentioned above provides quick response on your website. Offers excellent uptime, unlimited bandwidth, great trendy features, storage, free SSL certificates, and much more.

However, if you have any doubts, you can just test it by purchasing the hosting for one month only if there is an option for buying it for one month. 

But from my experience, you should always buy hosting for a minimum of two years. Because generally,  the renewable price is slightly greater than the cost of purchasing it for the first time.

Many businesses make the mistake of looking at the cost of hosting and deciding to go with cheaper hosting without considering the scale or size of the business. As a result, they lose customers on a daily basis, as well as profits.

That’s why it is very important to have fast hosting that can handle the traffic to your website smoothly.

b. Hosting for Medium Scale Business and Sites

If you have medium-level traffic that exceeds the limit of Shared Hosting plans then go with VPS Hosting.

ii. My Top Recommended VPS hostings are


Hostinger offers 8 different plans with different Ram requirements starting from $3.95 to $77.99/month. (if you purchase for 48 months)

Hostinger - VPS Hosting

2. Bluehost – 

Bluehost has three packages – (If you purchase for 36 months)

  1. Standard – $19.99/month  
  2. Enhanced – $29.99/month
  3. Ultimate – $59.99/month
Bluehost - VPS Hosting

3. Hostgator – 

Hostgator provides 3 plans –  (If you purchase for 36 months)

  1. Snappy 2000 – $19.95/month
  2. Snappy 4000 – $29.95/month
  3. Snappy 8000 – $39.95/month
Hostgator - VPS Hosting

4. Liquid Web – 

Liquid web offers 4 plans with different Ram requirements starting from – $15 to $95/month (if you purchase it for 24 months). 

VPS Hosting Liquid Hosting

5. Scala Hosting – 

Scala offers 4 packages – (If you purchase for 36 months)

  1. Start – $9.95/month
  2. Advanced – $25.95 /month
  3. Business – $61.95/month 
  4. Enterprise – $133.95/month 
Scala Vps Hosting

6. Greengeeks – 

Greengeeks offers 3 plans with different Ram requirements, which start from $39.95 to $109.95/ month.

(Note that Greengeeks plans are billed monthly)

Greengeeks - VPS Hosting

7. Inmotion –

Inmotion offers 4 hosting plans with different Ram requirements starting from $19.99/mo to 59.99/mo (If you purchase it for three years)

Inmotion - VPS Hosting

8. A2hosting –

A2hosting is currently offering 4 plans with different Ram requirements and with different features starting from $39.44 to 77.99 (If you purchase for 36 months).

A2 Hosting - VPS Hosting

c. Hosting for Large Scale Business and Sites -

So, if your business is on a large scale you definitely need Dedicated Hosting that can handle your massive traffic.

If you have massive traffic and you are running a business on a huge scale, then go with dedicated hosting though it is a bit expensive. Otherwise, go with a reliable shared hosting or VPS hosting service.

iii. My Top Recommended Dedicated Hosting –

1.Bluehost –

Bluehost offers 3 Hosting packages with different features – (If you purchase for 36months)

  1. Standard – $79.99/month.
  2. Enhanced – $99.99/month.
  3. Premium – $119.99/month.
Bluehost - Dedicated Hosting


Hostgator is offering 3 hosting plans with different features – (If you purchase for 36 months)

  1. Value Server – $89.98/month
  2. Power Server – $119.89/month
  3. Enterprise Server – $139.99/month
Hostgator - Dedicated Hosting

3. DreamHost –

DreamHost  is currently offering 9 different plans – (The prices showing below are monthly costs)

  1. Standard 4 -$149/month
  2. Standard 8 -$189/month
  3. Standard 16 -$229/month
  4. Enhanced 16 -$279/month
  5. Enhanced 32 -$329/month
  6. Enhanced 64 -$379/month
  7. Enhanced SSD 16 -$279/month
  8. Enhanced SSD 32 -$329/month
  9. Enhanced SSD 64 -$379/month

4. Inmotion Hosting –

InmotionHosting is currently offering 5 hosting plans. (The prices listed below are for 1 year purchase)

  1. Essential – $139.99/month
  2. Advanced – $189.99/month
  3. Elite – $259.99/month
  4. CC-1000 – $439.99/month
  5. CC-2000 – $539.99/month

Furthermore, they provide a plan in which you can modify your Hosting based on requirements.

5. A2Hosting –

A2Hosting has the following fully managed plans, each with its own set of features. (The prices listed below are for 2 year purchase)

A2 Hosting - Dedicated Hosting

6. Liquid Hosting –

Liquid Hosting is offering the following plans – 

Dedicated Server Liquid Hosting

7. TMD Hosting –

TMD hosting is offering the following plans –

Dedicated Server TMD hosting

2. Don’t go for Free Hosting –

Don’t purchase free hosting if you are really serious about your website or business. Trust me, the free hosting are very slow. You may see on their website that they are giving some mind-boggling speed with SSD storage, unmetered bandwidth, etc., but eventually, you will find after some time that your site speed will decrease day by day. Besides, free hosting can not provide you the customer support and security. You may lose your data if you are on free hosting.

3. Importance of customer service -

Before buying any Hosting, you should always check how good the customer support team is. Trust me, if you have a website, you will need the help of the customer support team for a number of reasons from the first day of your purchase.

4. Always go for SSD storage -

Always choose the hosting providers that provide SSD storage. Usually today most of the reputed hosting companies offer SSD storage.

5.Better Security –

Along with the speed a good hosting company will always give you better security for your website. So, don’t go for free or unknown hosting providers as they can’t keep your database safe.


Page speed has always been the key factor, but Google has been pushing the internet to become quicker and faster since 2018. This means that poorly performing sites will quickly fall behind their rivals. Hence they will lose visitors, resulting in lower conversions.

The hosting company is one of the most important factor impacting a website’s speed, and this article explains why. If you are experiencing slower speed, be sure to review your web hosting provider and package.

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