DJI Inspire 2



Weight: 4000g | Dimensions: 605 diagonal mm | Controller: Yes | Video resolution: 5.2k @ 24fps | Camera resolution: 20.8MP | Battery life: 23-27 minutes (4280mAh dual battery) | Max Range: 7km / 4.1mi | Max Speed: 94kph / 58mph

The Inspire 1 introduced a stunning Klingon-inspired design that keeps props out of most shots while enabling for a large, robust frame. The Inspire 2 ups the game with a magnesium hull (be cautious where you grip it) and plenty of dual redundancy for safer flight.

The battery, which both require to fly and buy around 25 minutes, depending on the camera you choose, is one of those duplicated elements. That’s fantastic, however a backup pair of batteries costs a whopping $360/£360, and the X4S camera is comparable to the Phantom. The X5S (to which you can attach a zoom lens from a Micro 4/3rds camera) is slightly better because to its larger image sensor, but flight times are reduced, making the ridiculously costly Zenmuse X7 more enticing.

The Inspire 2 also contains advanced object tracking, (optional) multi-user operation, and other professional features, making it unsuitable for casual use. Only the motors are not redundant (six would be safer).