Netflix has slashed its subscription prices in India. Click here to know more.

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Netflix has announced new and reduced rates for plans in India, with the mobile-only plan now beginning at Rs 149 per month, down from Rs 199 per month previously. Here are the specifics.

Netflix has launched new and lower rates for plans in India, with the mobile-only plan now beginning at Rs 149 per month, instead of Rs 199 per month.  The revised plans will apply to all subscribers. Given that Netflix is still the most costly streaming service in the country; the change is most likely part of Netflix’s efforts to attract more customers in the country.

The Netflix Basic plan will now cost Rs 199 per month under the new pricing model; earlier, the same subscription plan was available at Rs 499 per month, so this is a significant price reduction. The standard Netflix plan will now cost Rs 499 per month, instead of Rs 649.

Finally, the most costly Netflix plan, the premium plan, will be available for you now at 649 per month. Earlier, this plan was Rs. 799 per month. Here are some more specifics regarding the revised plans-

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New revised Netflix In India

New Netflix Features and Plans in India - The Details

New subscribers can simply sign up for Netflix and select the new pricing plans, and for existing customers, they can now enjoy the plans and features starting from December 14th.

Netflix users on the Mobile, Basic, or Standard plan will be upgraded to a plan one tier higher than their existing plan for the same monthly amount that you pay for Netflix presently. As a result, mobile plan customers will be upgraded to the basic plan, which will cost Rs 199 per month.

Users will receive a message on their smartphone, and they will be able to pick ‘Confirm Upgrade’ to utilise the plan or any other plan they like. Prices have been decreased by 18-60% depending on the plans.

Netflix mobile plans are now available for as little as Rs 149 a month. The mobile plan works with either a smartphone or a tablet with a 480p resolution. With this plan, you can’t watch Netflix on your TV or PC. The account, however, may only be accessed by one device at a time.

The basic plan, which costs Rs 199 per month, likewise limits resolution to 480 p, but you may access the account via PC and TV. However, the device limit remains at one.

Netflix’s standard plan now costs Rs 499 per month and supports two devices at the same time. It features a resolution of 1080p. The account is accessible via mobile, televisions, computers or laptops, and tablets.

The most expensive Netflix membership now costs Rs 649 a month and includes 4K resolution and the option to browse the app from four devices at once. The content is viewable on all four devices: mobile, tablet, computer or laptops, and televisions.

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