Do You Know How To Use Google Search Properly? Know How Pros Use

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Do You Know How To Use Google Search Properly? Now You Can Be A Pro Too

Do You Know How to Use Google Properly? Now You Can Be A Pro Too

Google search engine

Main Highlights

Google as we all know, and have heard it multiple times in our day-to-day life, is not just a company nor just an app and neither a search engine. It has become a crucial part of most of ours day-to-day lives.

We can refer to it as a verb as well because nowadays, it’s like if we want to know about something, the most popular name that comes to our mind is Google; even if someone else wants to make us surf about something, they going to say it like; “Google it….”.

But did you know, there are some tips and tricks as well, for user convenience…which if we do not use, then sometimes may not get the desired result that we were expecting.

So what we going to talk about is actually some specific ‘Search Operators’ using which we can surf through Google like a pro and be satisfied with the results we obtain.

Generally, we do not use so much effort just to surf something, simply we put the word or sentence and expect the correct results, but sometimes it’s better to use these ‘Special Operators’ for better and more efficient results.

So let us begin with our list…..first of which is:-

1. Quotation Marks

Sometimes when we need to find the exact word or words or say a sentence,
which can be a quote/dialogue of a movie for instance, or some name of something specific, then these Quotations marks can be very useful.

Just simply put your word/words inside the quotations and press the search button, and see the results.

For example:- You want to search the most famous dialogue of Robert Drowney Jr. from Avengers Endgame which is “I love you 3000”. Type it within the quotations and the result will impress you.

How to use google search llike a pro

2. The OR operator

The use of OR is very simple and easy, we just need to put two words (especially two things that u wanna surf about) by putting OR operator between them. This will show you the only web pages having either the first word or the second.

For example:- We want to search about Pepsodent or Colgate but at one go, then we can write it as Pepsodent OR Colgate.

How to use google search llike a pro

3. Pipe Operator

This operator is used for the same purpose as OR operator.
This looks like a straight vertical line.
for example:- Pepsodent | Colgate

How to use google search llike a pro

4. The brackets or parentheses

It is basically used for highlighting a specific word amidst the other words that are typed along with it. Google will put more focus on the word that we write inside the bracket and then the rest words will be considered.

For example- (Shawn Mendes) lifestyle and education

How to use google search llike a pro

5. The Dash

The Dash represents minus sign. So it goes according to it’s name; suppose you don’t want a specific word in your search results, you can write the words you want on the left side of the minus and the undesired word on the right hand side of the minus.

For example :- if we want to search Geoffrey Chaucer and find a random common word in our search results in most of the websites, for example:- Academy is that word, so we can simply type it as Geoffrey Chaucer -academy and search it. This time the websites having the word  Academy won’t show up.

How to use google search llike a pro

6. Asterisk

Asterisk works kind of similar to a Blank Cheque. We can write a word by putting Asterisk with it in the search box and then press the search button and the results can be anything related to the word you typed along with the asterisk.

For example :- if you search Cars * then the search results will show you webpages of any information related to any kind of cars whether it be real or fictional or anything. 

How to use google search llike a pro

7. Range

Range can help you to search between two numbers provided by you.

Like for example:- You want to search about the list of billionares from 2019 – 2021, just type the line , list of billionares 2019..2021, and you will get your desired results.

How to use google search llike a pro

8. Related

By using related we can get similar websites or alternatives of an website.

For example:- If you want similar shopping sites like Amazon, just type Related: and you will get the list of webpages showing names of similar sites.

Google search engine

9. Define

Use of Define is just as simple as it is to search a word on google, just for example , generally if we need the meaning of a particular word, we type the word and press search button, the use of define is same, just use Define: and then the word whose meaning you want, and get the desired result. Benefit of using this operator is that if your word is not in english, this will even give you the translation of the word.

Google search engine

10. Intitle and Allintitle

These two have almost same use but slightly different.

Intitle is used if you want webpages which has a specific word in it. If you type Intitle: then the word you want, google will show all the webpages having your given word in it’s title.

Allintitle is used when you want not just a word, but more than one word or a phrase.
Example:- Allintitle: Digital Logic and computer design by M.Morris Mano will give you the webpages having this whole set of words which is actually the name of a book by M.Morris Mano.

How to use google llike a pro
How to use google llike a pro

11. Inurl and Allinurl

These works the same as the intitle/allintitle, just the difference is that, these operators will show you the search results whose url has the words that you are looking for. Example:- 
Inurl: Amazon will show us webpages having Amazon in their url.

Allinurl: Amazon Jobs, will show the webpages having all these words in the url.

Google search engine

12. Intext and Allintext

The name itself suggests that the former one will search your one and only desired word and the later will search a phrase in the search results, and give you every webpage that has the phrase in it.

13. Around

Google search engine

14. Source

It can be clearly guessed from the name itself that by using this operator, we can get a specific thing that we want inforation about from a specific source which we need to mention.
(Check the image provided for getting a better perspective.)

Google search engine

15. Location

If you want information about something from a particular location, then this operator can be used.

For example :- Type Education Facilities Location: Canada and you will get all that you need to know about the educational facilities of Canada.

Google search engine

There are more such operators which can be used for a better surfing experience. 

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