Best Anti-Malware for PC | #1 Anti malware software for PC

Today’s generation is quite advanced as well as so much dangerous at the same time. Technology has reached to its peak and so there are so many bad peoples out there who wants to steal our information from ourselves.  Now, in the era of digitalization, we use to store everything on our PCs, and Mobiles. … Read more

Best Drone for Vlogging Youtube and Instagram Social networks | Best Discount on Drones

Best Drones for Vlogging Using a Drone in 2021 is quite easy. There are so many tutorials out there which can help you to learn, but there might be a little difficulty to find to good one. Hence why, I am bringing you the best drones to start your vlogging carrier with best drones. The … Read more

COVID-19 – 62,714 new cases till now – Daily deaths increased to 300

The number of Covid- 19 cases has risen to 4,86,310. According to Union health ministry data updated on Sunday, India witnessed 62,714 new coronavirus illnesses in just one day. The highest single-day increase, causing the nationwide COVID-19 count to 1,19,71,624, while regular deaths spanned the 300 marks for the first time in 2021. Active cases … Read more

‘Kong bows to nobody’: two favorite powerhouses face off in the first ‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ trailer.

‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ trailer Even a pandemic cannot hinder the smack of two giant icons. The fighters were selected, you simply have to determine on the screen: the theaters and streams are “Godzilla vs. Kong” (HBO Max 26th March). The first trailer, released Sunday, teases the numerous strokes between two favorite film monsters – in … Read more

Netflix Announces the “Shuffle Play” functionality that will be open to all users in 2021.

Listen to this Article – Netflix “Shuffle” Button Details- When 200 million paying subscribers have hit the mark, the streaming Netflix giant has announced that this year, both of them are introducing a much awaited shuffle button. The organization has stated in an official letter that all consumers have the functionality enabled in 2021. Since … Read more

Samsung claims that the latest 90Hz OLED gaming laptop displays would compete with mainstream 120Hz displays.

The production of 14-inch, high refresh rate OLEDs will begin in ‘very large quantities’ in March. Samsung’s display branch, Samsung Display Co., has announced its plan to start manufacturing 90Hz OLED panels for laptops beginning in March. While many gaming laptops now deliver much higher refresh rate displays, Samsung counts 90Hz on the OLED panel … Read more