Top 5 Tech news – 28 April, 2021

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1.Remove your phone numbers that are not linked with your adhar card.

Paytm’s CEO, Vijay Shekhar Sharma tweeted about the service released by TRAI / DOT.

There might be illegal numbers activated with your adhar card. For solving this querry, there is a website by which you can check if your adhar is linked with any other phone number. 

PS: Your current number should be linked with your adhar. 

Website link:

2. WhatsApp Beta reveals new voice waveforms which can win your heart in style.

Now you can send voice messages with style. The voice waves looks so pretty. The feature will soon be available to Android and IOS users.

3. React WhatsApp messages like facebook and Instagram.

WhatsApp Web: how to use reactions in messages - Somag News

Now, you can react to whatsapp messages like facebook and Instagram. As the feature is still only available on WhatsApp beta only, but you all will get it very soon.

4. India beats China, USA, UK for most CCTV camera installation.

Installation of 1.4 lakh Chinese CCTV cameras by Delhi govt sparks row - Mail Today News

India’s capital New-Delhi beats world with their CCTV camera’s. There  are total 1826 camera installed in Delhi. 

I hope we can see crime rates may go low after this. 


Google collects a frightening amount of data about you. You can find and  delete it now - CNET

5. Google is going to pay around $15 billion to Apple. 

Google’s product Chrome is one of the favourite browser for android users. 

To stay as default browser on iPhones and Mac, Google is going to pay around $15 billion dollars in 2021. That is around 9% gross profit. 

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