How to watch Netflix for Free ??

If you are one of those entertainment lovers who don’t want to spend money but have fun, Then, you are in the right place (I am one of those too). Coz, today I am going to inform you about a new way to watch all the shows for free.

In fact, you can also watch amazon prime videos for free too.

Without wasting time, let’s jump to the conclusion. Well, there is an app in the market by which you can watch all the shows for free.

The app’s name is ” Watch Any Show “. The name reveals everything. I have used the app personally and the result came out totally awesome. The app updates every latest show so that you never miss anything.

The app has 846K+ Downloads; 61,410 shows and Movies and 164M+ videos streamed.

When everything is for free, why are you waiting for??

Pros and cons of watch any show app


  1. Supports every Android platform.
  2. Can watch on PC via the  “Watch on web” feature in it.
  3. Updates show regularly.


    1. Does not support IOS.
    2. No web view to watch via browser or pc directly.

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