COVID-19 – 62,714 new cases till now – Daily deaths increased to 300

The number of Covid- 19 cases has risen to 4,86,310.

According to Union health ministry data updated on Sunday, India witnessed 62,714 new coronavirus illnesses in just one day. The highest single-day increase, causing the nationwide COVID-19 count to 1,19,71,624, while regular deaths spanned the 300 marks for the first time in 2021.

Active cases have risen to 4,86,310, accounting for 4.06 % of entire diseases for the 18th day in a row. According to the numbers, the recovery rate has fallen to 94.58 percent.

The 62,714 new cases recorded in 24 hours were the most since October 16, 2020, while the death toll jumped to 1,61,552 with 312 daily new deaths, the most in about three months, according to data updated at 8 a.m.

Since December 25, 2020, 336 new deaths have been registered, the daily death rates are 312.

On October 16, 63,371 new infections were reported in a 24-hour period.

According to the data, the number of people who have recovered from the disease has risen to 1,13,23,762, with a death rate of 1.35 percent.
The COVID-19 count in India reached 20 lakh on August 7, 30 lakh on August 23, 40 lakh on September 5, and 50 lakh on September 16. It reached 60 lakh on September 28, 70 lakh on October 11, 80 lakh on October 29, 90 lakh on November 20, and one crore on December 19.

According to the ICMR, 24,09,50,842 samples have been tested up to March 27 with 11,81,289 samples being tested on Saturday.
The 312 new fatalities include 166 from Maharashtra, 45 from Punjab, 14 from Kerala, 13 from Chhattisgarh, and 10 from Delhi.

So far, 161552 losses have been recorded in the country, with 54073 from Maharashtra, 12659 from Tamil Nadu, 12492 from Karnataka, 10997 from Delhi, 10322 from West Bengal, 8783 from Uttar Pradesh, 7203 from Andhra Pradesh, and 6621 from Punjab.

The health ministry emphasized that other diseases that people already had are responsible for more than 70% of the deaths.

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