Huawei Gaming Laptop is coming, Might be working on Gaming Console too

Huawei is rumored to be joining the console industry for gaming. It’s going to start tiny with a gaming laptop. It was still on the way to doing so with the Honor Hunter V700, but then the geopolitical situation led to Honor (phones, laptops and all) being sold off. The Huawei gaming laptop is expected to be available this year.

The follow-up will be much more exciting – a game console that matches Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox. However, there are no specifics as to what sort of forum this is going to be. From the contrast to the high-end consoles, it seems possible that this may not be an ARM-based console like the Nintendo Switch, but something more powerful instead.

A few years ago AMD formed the Zen-based CPUs joint venture, with Chinese partners. Maybe it is not out of the question to get an APU like the present PlayStation and Xbox. But that’s not a reality – Huawei may want to test any of his silicon designs.

Much like the Chip HiSilicon Kunpeng 920, based on ARM. It was presented alongside the MD Radeon 430 GPU at the MateStation B515 computer. Swap into a Radeon beefier and have a good console foundation. However, whose program is it going to run?

Huawei introduced last year the GameCenter, a game portal based on Huawei’s Android media services. This January it spit on Tencent Games and pulled from its shop all the titles released in Tencent. Nevertheless, the GameCenter is able to play several Android games.

The most important thing about consoles is usually the contents rather than the hardware, and it would be nice to get a bunch of Android games ready for launch. A Linux-based OS is the other choice, but Huawei needs to create a game catalog from the ground up.

It will by the way not be the first console from Huawei, but we hope it will be better than the ron Console – the 2014 Tegra 4 powered, Android 4.2 Jelly Bean console that few recall.

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