Samsung launches the top performing earbuds, Galaxy Buds Pro.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro will go on sale from 15th January.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro
Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Details-

Samsung today launches its premium package of truly wireless earbuds, the $199.99 Galaxy Buds Pro. But currently Samsung is offering a discount and you can save up to $50. Yes you heard it right, it is available in $149 now.

They have an in-ear style similar to the Galaxy Buds Plus but are aesthetically inspired by the Galaxy Buds Live. The Buds Pro are not bean-shaped, but the design and charge case have the same metallic appearance. According to Samsung, the tweaked interface “reduces your area of contact with the ear, improves your comfort and reduces any obstructive feeling.”

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

More specifically, Samsung claims that with an 11mm woofer and 6.5mm tweeter, they offer the “best audio experience yet” to any company earbud. The active noise cancelation is now even cooler because these earbuds now establish a total seal for your ear. Samsung has also upgraded its ambient sound mode, now allowing up to 20 decibels to amplify the background noise. The Galaxy Buds Pro can sense when you start speaking and can turn to environmental sound mode and lower music volume. On headphones such as the Sony 1000XM4 we have seen this useful trick, but it’s still very uncommon on earbuds.

Samsung claims the Galaxy Buds Pro also provides the best microphone output yet from the line-up of earbuds, which has three integrated microphones and a voice pickup system to allow phone and video calls conveniently accessible. The organization has said in its press release: “An outer microphone has a high signal-to-noise (SNR) ratio, which further eliminates background noise.” Samsung’s latest Wind Shield innovation has also been implemented into the Galaxy Buds Pro. While the wind interaction zone is reduced in a less protruse manner, the chamber with mesh filters is specifically built for wind interference.”

Few characteristics of the Galaxy Buds Pro appear matching the Apple’s AirPods Pro: there is 360 “Dolby Head Tracking Technology” audio while playing videos on Samsung’s phone or tablet — a direct response to the spatial Audio of Apple. The Buds Pro also moves automatically from Samsung to mobile devices.

Samsung said you should expect up to five hours of continuous playing with activated noise cancelation (eight if this is disabled) and ample power for 13 additional hours of listening time, (20 hours off ANC). Battery life is similar to the same as most Premium ANC earbuds, Samsung said. The Galaxy Buds Pro is IPX7 certified for water and sweat resistance, so they should be able to accommodate even the most sweaty workouts.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

The Galaxy Buds Pro is built to suit the current Galaxy S21 lineup in black, silver and purple colors. Today, you can pre-order, and stores will be available on tomorrow, 15 January.


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