Facts you need to know about Nayantara Cafe, Bihpuria

Nayantara, a beautiful restaurant in Bihpuria has recently opened up. In my voyage of life, I had been to many hotels and restaurants started from a rating of five to minus zero, but I must say, in a small town like Bihpuria, Nayantara is quite a shining star.

Social media is the best place for promotion, and Nayantara people knows the excellent use of it. They had started sharing their beautiful interior pictures of Nayantara on social media before even they started their business and the idea worked excellently. People started to discuss about their opening, and by time people’s attraction graph went high and high.

Today, I will not speak about the interrior, because pictures from social medias are already shouting how beautiful they are. I will speak about some facts that you need to know about Nayantara.

Facts about Nayantara, Bihpuria

How many total seats are available in Nayantara, Bihpuria ???

There are mainly 4 tables in Nayantara including 2 square tables with a seat capacity of 4 people each, 1 rounded glass top table with a seat capacity of 4, and a rectengular table with a seat capacity of 8 people in a single time.

If you are single, don’t worry; they also have a Bar Height table and a window in front where you can seat, eat and get the beautiful view of nature. In that single party, 5 people can join the group at a time. So, there are total of 25 seats available in Nayantara, Bihpuria.

2. Waiting Time

How much time does it take to get the food after order?

For every good restaurant, order management really leads a key role. From my experience, I went there with one of my friend for the first time and ordered a hot coffee and a cold coffee. When I was there, the place was filled with around 70% customers.

The Hot Coffee came in 6-7 minutes and the cold coffee came in around 9 minutes. And, I was quite satisfied by the waiting time.

3. Parking Space

nayantara parking space

Do they have parking space for cars and bikes?

The path that went to Nayantara is in the front of Bihpuria College gate. The path is quite thick for car parking. But, they had managed to make some spaces for you. There are 2 car parking space in front of the restaurant which is on the left side and another 2 car parking space which is on the right side.

4. Food quality

nayantara food quality nayantara food quality

Is the food really good in Nayantara?

Now, we came to the main key point of an restaurant.  Selfies can’t fill your appettite. A good food is a kind of honesty that your tummy needs.

They have quite many food items items listed on their menu, and I had tried  their chicken rolls and dumplings. I was quite excited, and when I tried I was really happy. I never anticipated that I would met such a good taste in my town.

5. Behaviour

What about the people? Do they behave nicely?

When I went there for the first time, one of them welcomed me and show me the seats. Then they came to take my order. We ordered and eat our food.

Now, in terms of behaviour, I am satisfied. They know well how to interact with customers. They all have a smiling face which will make your day.

Tip of the Web:

Nayantara oftenly offers different Special Dishes depending on different occassions and week days. 

To know more, follow their facebook page- 

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