Honest Review of Realme Watch

Realme is a fastest growing company that is mostly famous for its Android phones. Recently, they had launched their Realme Watch in India. The company describes it as their ‘Basic Watch’ and offers it at a handsome price.

This beautiful watch will cost Rs. 3,999. This cost will be repaid by the benefits of this smart watch. So, is it fair to buy this watch? Should you go and buy it? Let’s be with us and we will reply to all of your questions.

Realme Watch Specs and Price

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Realme Watch Review: Display and Design

The Realme watch has a moderate design with a rounded square dial and a single button on the left. The watch is very user friendly. I like the watch when it stays in my hand. Along with that, the charging pins, heart rate sensor, and pulse oximeter sensors concealed in the backside.

Right now, the watch only comes with a black color 20nm strap. Down the road, there may be some other color that you can purchase and swap them easily at home.

The 2.5D cover glass and the strap are really good. They have successfully managed to stay without any marks in the first week and I was very comfortable wearing the watch even at the night time.

The back bezel of the watch seems a little big, but that is what that gives it a quite premium finish. After using it for a week and thinking for the price, I do not mind for bezel now. The good point is the back bezel is almost obscure. One can only see under direct sunlight or flashlight.

For display, Realme uses 1.4″ color touch display with 320 x 320 pixels. I felt the touch response is very decent. The screen is usable as well as visible on outdoor or under direct sunlight, but for that, you will have to set the brightness manually.

Due to the watch does not OLED panel, I noticed that the black was not as deep and colors were not very punchy. But, I think that most of the consumers would not feel this difference. Currently, the watch has only 6 faces and you can set more from the Android app. Realme also promised that they are going to bring more watch faces on their next software update.

Realme Watch Review: Fitness and Activity Tracking

Health and fitness are the main keys behind the sales of this modern smartwatch. One who is health-conscious and tries to stay physically active, this watch is definitely going to help them.

Realme watch comes with fitness and wellness related features. This watch consists of 14 different workout modes and you can access all of them from your watch. The user can check their daily and weekly workout logs on the watch directly.

If you love jogging and cycling, this watch can keep a track of where you have been to by accessing your phone’s GPS. As per me, I felt the tracking accuracy is quite accurate.

Consumers cal also turn on the feature for continuous heart rate tracking with an interval between 5 minutes and 30 minutes. The watch is also able to push alerts when your heart rate crosses a particular threshold in an inactive position.

There is one other feature called SPO2 monitor. This feature can track the oxygen level in your blood. This feature is really helpful to keep a track until the Corona Pandemic ends.

Along with that, you can also track your sleep cycles, have ‘Drink water’ and sedentary reminders, and has some breathing exercise listed under ‘meditation’ which can help you to stay relax.

Realme Watch Review: Performance, software, and Additional functions

Realme has been improving its wearable software and the functions are getting a lot better compared to the Realme band which was released on a few months back. The android app that pairs the smartwatch has a clean and easy to understandable interface.

The first time after installing the app, it will ask and you have to go to the settings and enable the notifications and the other features including camera shutter, notifications, music control, etc manually. If you missed ticking the options, some functions may not work well.

The watch interface is appealing. You can navigate easily, but not good for customizable. The swipe down from top shows you the notification of chosen apps, then swipe up will show you all functions, and the right swipe will give you access to frequently used shortcuts. For going back, you have the press the single hard button.

‘Notifications’ is where we need an upgrade. The watch can only show you the last notification you received. You can not expand the messages or notifications, or respond to them or mark them as read. Luckily, this is fixable with the help of OTA updates, and I believe notification management will get better down the road.

The other useful feature includes music control and Find my phone(which is really lifesaver) The smart watch have Bluetooth 5.0 for strong connectivity and I felt the connection is very stable.

The bad thing is, they don’t have an IOS app for Realme watch right now. Maybe at some point, it will be available. But right now, bad news for IOS users.

Realme Watch review: Battery life

The battery backup is good. The watch can hold up to 10 days with light usage. So, it depends on the usage and screen on time. If you use continuous heart rate tracking and set the brightness at 60%, the battery will stay at 50% at the end of the day. But, also there is a Battery Saver mode which helps to last longer.

I believe that you will at least use it for 2-3 days after you fully charged it up, which I think is a great mileage for a smart watch. The charger that comes with the watch takes around 2 hours to fully charge.

Realme Watch Review: Pros and Cons

Like every product, this watch also has Pros and Cons. Here are the points that I felt as Pros and cons.


  • Batter Mileage.
  • Comfortability for wearing.
  • Enclyopedic fitness tracking


  • Bottom bezel is thick.
  • Notification needs upgrade.
  • No iOS app.

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