VPN, Risks and How to create your own VPN server on Google Cloud

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What is VPN?

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VPN means Virtual Private Netowrk who stays in the middle and helps you to connect any sites which are blocked by your internet service provider.

In India, most of the people started using VPN after pornography was banned by many internet service provider in India.

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VPN means Virtual Private Netowrk who stays in the middle and helps you to connect any sites which are blocked by your internet service provider.

In India, most of the people started using VPN after pornography was banned by many internet service provider in India.

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Is there any Risks of using VPN ?

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Lets assume, there are three friends, A, B, and C . A and C use to directly communicate with each other. But one day, they had trouble with their direct communication. So, they took help of B. B took messages from A and C, and pass them to each other.

The fact is B knows everything. He is seeing what message A and C is passing.  So, if B is a good friend, he will not reveal those messages. But, if B is not good, then he could turn into a culprit.

So, the meaning is A is your device, B is the VPN server and C is the destination. Whenever, you use VPN, it helps you to send and receive data from the destination server.

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Mistake that you  do when you are using a VPN

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Whenever someone uses a VPN, they did not notice that their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter everything is running in the background. They just focus on the browser, where the fraud VPN servers took their data and sells it to the marketing companies or any other data leaking companies.

Privacy is your great asset. Don’t let anyone steal it so easily.

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Nowadays, most of us use a free VPN. And, most of them are not genuine. So, I will highly suggest you to use Paid VPN.  If you want to go with the free VPN server trick. Scroll down.

For paid users, I had done some research and came up with some results.

There are so many VPN available in the market. If you type “BEST PAID VPN” OR “BEST PAID VPN OF 2020” on Google, you will get thousands of results.

But, lucky you. We have selected a good VPN which is affordable and gives you good internet speed.  The Best and Secure VPN of 2020 is PureVPN.

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You can start their 7 days trial at $0.99. They have 31 days MONEY BACK guarantee. That means, if you don’t like their service, you will get your money back as per their policies. Your privacy is guaranteed with their  anonymous VPN IPs, military-grade encryption, and global network of VPN servers. Along with that, you will get good internet speed.

If you decided to with a free VPN server for yourself, where B will be your slave and can’t pass your information to anyone. You are in the right place. Let’s check it now.

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How to create your Own VPN server on Google cloud?

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1. First Go to, OUTLINE MANNAGER website from here.

2. As per your operating system, click on GET OUTLINE MANNAGER, download the app and Install it.

3. Go to Google Cloud from here. And, then click on Go to console.

If you are new there, you have to sign up and you will get free $200. After setting up with your google cloud account

4. Create a new Project. You can put any name on the Project Name.

5. Next, open the google cloud menu and select Compute Engine and then, VM instances.

Click on Create. Type any name you want.

Select Series N1 and Machine Type F1 micro.

Next, expand the Management, Networking  tab and select Networking

On networking tags, type “outline”.

 And, then select create.

The machine will be priced at $4.28 per month. But, as I mentioned, you will get free $200 dollars. So, you can use it for free.

6.  Then again, open cloud menu and select on VPC network and then Firewall.

Click on Create Firewall Rule

Type “outline” in both name and target tags.

Type “” in Source IP ranges.

And then select on Allow all on Protocols and Ports.

And, then create the Firewall Rule.

7. Then again, open VM Instances and open the side window near SSH and select OPEN IN BROWSER WINDOW.

8. Go back to OUTLINE MANNAGER app and open it.

9. Select the Google cloud platform. And, then copy the part under the 2nd section.

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10. And then open the SSH browser window.

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11. Paste the copied code on the console.

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Some users might get an error “-bash:  -wget: command not found”. If you have this error, don’t worry I have the solution for it.  It happens because wget is not installed on that system.

If not, you can directly scroll to the next step.

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How to solve “-bash:  -wget: command not found” error?

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It happens because wget is not installed on your system. To check if it’s installed or not, you can type “wget” and press enter. And if you are still having this error, that means the wget is not installed.

Just type this code and press enter “SUDO APT INSTALL WGET”.

WGET will successfully be installed on your system.

And, then Run the copied code from OUTLINE MANNAGER


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12. Next you will get  an code. Copy the code and paste it on outline manager.

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13. Click on “connect a different device”
copy the link and send it to your phone. (You can use whatsapp web for sending the link).

14. And finally, the device where you want to use your VPN, install the outline app.

For android users, click here.

For Apple users, click here.

15. Open the app and select add server. Now, you will need a key to run it.

16. Go to any browser, run the link copied from PC. Select “connect a different device”  and then you will get a link. Copy the link and paste it on the outline app access key.

Hurray, your VPN is all setup.


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