How to get Sponsorship for YouTube in India, 2020

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Having a YouTube channel and thinking of growth and sponsorship? But don’t know how..!

Today, we will be explaining the types and how to get sponsorship for the YouTube channel in 2020. 


YouTube Sponsorship is the way to grow your Channel and where brands will approach, or you have to find yourself to advertise their product on your Channel. Relying upon the sponsorship, you will get paid. Let’s look at the types now.



If you have a small YouTube channel, then this is the most straightforward option for getting your Channel started. Brands will give or provide you a link, and you have to specify or mention it on your YouTube video description.

Each time your viewers buy a product from that specific link, you will receive money.

There is one another way, where Brands will provide you a special /unique coupon code. Each time someone buys something using your code, they will get a discount on the product.

The Brand will supply you a certain sum of money based on the sales using your special coupon code.

Affiliate Sponsorship is the simplest way for small YouTube channels. They need to make a review Video and explain how the product can help in their daily life as well as why they need to buy the product.

Note: Affiliate sponsorship is not highly profitable. But, for the small YouTube channel, it is the best option.

Ex. Amazon, Flipakrt


The next best idea for your Small YouTube channel is Product Sponsorship. This way, Brands will send you a free product, and you need to do reviews and unboxing videos.

The best thing is that you can put your Affiliate sponsorship link on your YouTube video description to earn money.

In this way, some companies will give you money, and you can keep the product too. Some will provide you with money, but you have to return the product. The last one will let you keep the product, but you would not receive any money.

For example, if you have a photography channel, you can contact them and ask for lenses for upgrade and offer them for a review video on your YouTube channel. The more subscriber you have, the more chances you have to avail Product Sponsorship.

However, there are still chances for Small YouTube channel too. But remember, don’t expect expensive items in the starting period.

Start-up or small YouTube channels can go to Brand’s website, and look at their contact options or look for their Email. After that, they need to write an email mentioning their channel name, subscriber count, etc. If the brands are satisfied, they will contact you back.

Down the road, when your Channel you start growing, the more prominent companies will contact you directly. Sometimes, they will tell you to make giveaways

For ex- A smartphone company will contact you for a giveaway. They will send you six smartphones. You have to send 5 pieces to your subscribers, and you can keep the last one. In this case, some brands might even pay you extra.

Tips- Always mention channel description and mainly your Email on YouTube About section. The companies will reach you from there.


As the name suggests, this sponsorship method will help you to earn money directly. Brands will contact you and tell you to mention their brands, or you need to make a review or tutorial video about your product.

This is the best YouTube sponsorship, but you have to cross many milestones to achieve this. Paid sponsorships help you to earn money along with the channel growth too.

This is the most preferable type of sponsorship because it is highly profitable. For small YouTube channels, it will be hard to get paid sponsorships. If you have at least 10-100k Subscribers, you can find companies that sponsor small or medium YouTube channels.

Fact- Paid sponsorship is not an everyday option. The sponsoring company will have specific demands which you have to accept and fulfill. If you have a small subscriber base, their demand will be quite higher, and they might not negotiate with their terms.

Tips- For a small YouTube channel, it is challenging to get sponsorship paid sponsorship in the beginning. It would be best if you started with Affiliate sponsorship and Product sponsorship. Once your Channel starts to grow, you will get more significant opportunities down the road.


After reading all the stuff, there might be a question rising on your mind that how much a Youtuber makes by making sponsorship videos?

Well, there is no definite answer to this question. Starring from around $50, you can start to earn.

Depending on Few Facts, your payment will be decided-

#1 How many subscribers and view your YouTube channel has?

#2 What kind of value are you offering to the Brand sponsoring you?

#3 Where are you going to place your advertisements?

#4 What type of Promotion is it?

#5 Conditions for Promoting your Video.


Now, you might be thinking,” How to get free sponsorship for YouTube.” Getting Sponsorship for your small YouTube Channel is not an easy option. Here are a few points I would like it to bring it up to you-

#1 The first and foremost point for your Channel is to work on your Channel Growth. I know it sounds out of the way to get sponsorship. But, you will need higher engagement on your Channel to be considered quickly.

#2 SLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE. Getting sponsorship on YouTube is not an easy option. You have to be patient and give efforts to your work. The money you will receive is not free. You have to earn it through your work. You have to fulfill the Brand’s requirement.

Maintain your schedule, and give efforts to your contain. Just make sure that the quality should not get affected. In the beginning, don’t run for huge money. Try to go for upgrading your Channel.

#3 Cold Emailing- One of the oldest ways is to approach the brands by sending Emails from your side. First, try to make a list and think about whom you would collaborate with. Then find their Emails and let them know how your video could help them.


One other way to get YouTube sponsorship is to get help from the platform that connects you to sponsors. There are many platforms available right now. You have to fill in the YouTube sponsorship application.

But you would need at least 5k Subscribers to join them. There is no YouTube sponsorship cost, and you don’t have to pay for anything. However, they will take some percentage from you if you and your sponsor agree on the sponsorship.

Ex.  FamebitReelioGrapevine.

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