Forest Essentials Kumkumadi Night Cream | Is it worth the price? | A Detailed Review

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Forest Essential is an Indian luxury Ayurvedic brand which claims to make its products from 100% natural ingredients. The procedure of making their products involves a lot of traditional processes. Kumkumadi Night cream is for younger skin. This effective night cream contains powerful Ayurvedic ingredients includuing Manikya (Ruby) Bhasma, which helps to lighten pigmentation, clarify the skin and heal acne scars.
Let’s go into detail about this night cream and see if its really worth the price.

Benefits of Forest Essentials Kumkumadi Night Cream:

  • Revitalizes the skin for new cell growth.
  • It reduces the appearance of blemishes to clarify skin.
  • It maintains hydration levels and improves uneven skin tone.
  • Is free from chemicals & parabens.
  • Comes in a eco-friendly packaging.

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How to use:

After cleansing and toning your face, gently massage a small amount of the Kumkumadi Night Cream using upwards strokes on the face and neck.

Key Ingredients:

Saffron gives the skin a warm, glowing complexion.

Pure Ghee:
Pure Cow’s Milk Ghee is treated using an ancient methodology to be easily absorbed into the skin.

Kasturi Manjal:
Also known as Wild Turmeric, Kasturi Manjal purifies and refines the skin texture. It brightens the skin giving it a healthy glow.

Kumkumadi is an ancient Ayurvedic preparation with more than 16 precious herbs infused in oils. One of its main ingredients is Saffron, which imparts a glow to skin.

Sweet Almond Oil:
The cold-pressed oil distilled from sweet Almonds adds glow, and deeply moisturizes the skin.


The Forest Essential Kumkumadi Night Cream is available in 30 g size which costs ₹2,225 ( $ 32.26).

Detailed Review of Forest Essential Kumkumadi Night Cream and My experience:

Forest Essentials has a ‘teenage’ range in their skin care line. The Kumkumadi Night cream is one of them. This cream is meant exclusively for the teens. Though I have already crossed my teenage, I have a sensitive skin, which reacts to products very easily but this cream suits my skin.

The night cream comes in a glass jar with a golden lid. The lid has the brand’s tagline embossed on it. It has a blue coloured label on it to denote that this is a night cream. The label bears the product related informations. There is a clear plastic safety cover to prevent the cream from leakage. The lid fits securely and makes the tub leak-proof.
The packaging of the product is luxurious, just like other Forest Essentials products. But what makes a difference in the packaging of these day and night creams is the outer cardboard box. Normally, all Forest Essentials products come inside normal brown cardboard boxes, which are not too strong. But this day cream comes in a printed and very strong cardboard box.

Since it is a night cream, the box is printed with dark coloured prints. The peacock and the flowers printed on the box look so beautiful. I am in love with the packaging of these creams. The base of the box bears the product description, ingredients list and usage instructions. Overall, the packaging is lovely but the glass jar is kind of delicate and fragile.

The night cream is of light pinkish tone . The cream smells heavenly with some floral hints. The smell is rich and pleasant for me. I love to sniff the purely natural fragrance of this night cream. The cream is enriched with natural ingredients. The ingredients list is quite long and impressive.

Kumkumadi tailam is well known for its skin nourishing and anti-ageing properties. Other ingredients include sweet almond oil, clarified butter, glycerin, aloe vera juice, orange peel extract, rose water, shea butter, ruby bhasma, saffron extract, sandalwood oil, etc. Saffron and sandalwood oil nurture the skin beautifully. The texture of the cream is thick and creamy and it spreads on the skin effortlessly.

It does not requires a lot of effort and gets easily absorbed into the skin. A night cream is different from a day cream in many aspects. A day lotion has a lightweight and non-sticky texture while a night cream is expected to have a thick and creamy texture to replenish the skin properly overnight. This cream has a thick formula due to its natural ingredients like shea butter and clarified butter.

This cream immediately takes away all the dryness of my skin and brightens up the complexion. Every morning I wake up with super soft and nourished skin. It adds a dazzling glow to my skin. I have sensitive skin and this cream did not break me out at all and suits my skin so well.

Kumkumadi oil is great for acne-prone skin, which is the main ingredient of this night cream. This cream helped to clear up the blemishes significantly. I have combination skin and a few areas of my face get dry. This cream retains the skin moisture and keeps my skin healthy and glowing.

I has also reduced dark patches and tan from my skin to a great extent. It’s made my skin firmer and youthful. My skin stays hydrated and nourished. I am really happy with the results of this night cream. It has made my skin radiant and glowing. Overall, it is worth every penny I paid.


  • It comes in a luxurious packaging.
  • It is made of natural ingredients.
  • It is of thick creamy texture.
  • It spreads easily on the skin.
  • It is easily absorbed in the skin.
  • It is suitable for my sensitive skin.
  • Never broke me out.
  • It makes my skin firm.
  • It gives a glowing skin.
  • It leaves my skin moisturized.
  • It keeps the skin hydrated.
  • It clears up the complexion.
  • It brightens up the skin.
  • It removes acne scars and tan.


  • It comes in a glass jar which is not travel-friendly.
  • A little Expensive.

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