Apple Surprises with iPhone 13 features on their launch event

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1. Design-

The iphone 13 has the sleek flatted design that everyone love. The iphone 13 has IP 68 water resistant.

2. Performance-

The iPhone 13 performance will be boosted with A15 bionic chip and IOS 15 support. The new A15 chip will have 5 core GPU which means it will have more better performance then ever.

With the help of 5 core GPU the games will run ultra smooth on iPhone 13 as well as the camera can give excellent performance on 4k recording.

3. Camera-

The iphone 13 camera will be far better than the previous one as they mentioned on their live stream.

Iphone 13 and Iphone 13 mini will both have dual camera setup. The camera is filled up with 12 MP wide and 12 MP ultra wide camera. The image sensor used in these phones are the biggest one far yet as so the image stabilization will be far better on this phone.

There is a new Cinematic video mode attached to this phone. By, which you can shift your focus during recording or even editing the footage. That’s really incredible to see such a nice feature which can give us a awesome cinematic look.

4. Storage –

Iphone new 13 series will come up with 128 GB, 256 Gb, and 512 GB. Although, the pro series will come up with 1tb variant in addition to that.

5. Display –

The iPhone 13 display size will be 6.7″ and iPhone 13 mini size will be 6.1″. The display will be attached with super retina XDR display. 

6. Price-

The new iPhone will be very cheaper comparing to previous phones. With this excellent features, I believe the price is quite cheap. The iPHone 13 is priced at $799 and iPhone 13 mini is priced at $69

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