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Did you know, these 5 smart speakers are not made by Amazon?

Main Highlights :

  • LUMIFORD 2.1 Subwoofer Dock
  • Eufy Genie AK-T1241211
  • Motorola Sonic Boost 230
  • Bose Portable Home Speaker
  • Marshall Acton II

Yes you heard it right.

Below we’re gonna present a list in which there are smart speakers that are operated by Alexa and sold on Amazon but it’s not made by them.

1. First on the list is The LUMIFORD 2.1 Subwoofer Dock

As mentioned earlier , it is voice controlled by Alexa and it’s a bluetooth speaker with headphone jack. It’s battery is of Li-Polymer and can last upto 12 hours with full charge and battery capacity is 1500 mAh. It has 1 USB port. It is priced around Rs 2000-3000.

2. Then we have Eufy Genie AK-T1241211 smart speaker.

Again this one’s also powered by Alexa, so you can definately ask Alexa to play music,hear the news,check weather,control your smart devices etc. etc.

It’s easy to setup ,just you need to have the free Eufy home app.

It has only Wi-Fi support 2.4 GHz, no bluetooth.
It comes with a built in 2W speaker that delivers desired audio for you to enjoy in your room.

3. Then we have Motorola Sonic Boost 230

So basically this one is a waterproof bluetooth speaker which  provides 24 hours long performance per charge. It is wireless and portable. Comes with IPX7 technology, which is believed to provide good quality audio even outdoors. It is also easy to move and fix for its shape.
Priced around Rs 2000-4000 on

4. After that comes Bose Portable Home Speaker

This is a fairly small in size but with super audio capabilities.
And the fun fact is it comes with built in Alexa and Google Assistant together , BINGO !!!

Also it has both bluetooth and wi-fi support. It also has a touchpad on its head above.

It has a little handle for you to hold and carry it wherever you want.
But but but, really sorry to lower your mood, this can only last till 5 hours max. after full charge and also the audio wont be too loud as per your expectations.

It is priced around Rs 31500 on

5. Lastly we have Marshall Acton II

Hey there, I know what you are thinking, but as per the popular saying ” Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”.

Hope you understood what i meant ……if not lemme explain.

It is considered the smallest one in the Marshall line up but this little box can blow up your mind and maybe ears too with it’s three dedicated class D amplifiers that power it’s duel tweeters and subwoofer.

Has bluetooth 5.0 technology and is wireless as well. It can provide superior wireless sound at range of upto 30 feet while maintaining connectivity, just imagine !!!!

Can be controlled with smartphones or computer.
If we talk about the design then its the classic iconic Marshall design which everyone will like to show off in their room.

Though its wireless but hey, there is also a port for AUX cable, yes u heard it right, there’s an AUX cable port for user convinience.

Our list ends here for now. Hope you got some useful info through this. Have a nice day ahead.

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